Snow Plowing

Message Woody in the plow at Message/email/text for a quote.
We will be focused on Pine Cove this year. We may bring a machine down to Idy for a berm busting special after a big snow. See snow plower list below for other Idy plowers.
Try to book 24 hours or more in advance if you need a specific time or it is a big job.
We also handle most of the north PC non-county roads and the bigger trailer park.
I am partnered with other snow plowers to help cover jobs during bigger storms.
A big thank you our regulars! We love providing you with great service.

As always, we are all about our community. Support our local plowers …

This list is from last season 2021. It will be updated as we get more info.
Aaron Hill 951-388-7060 Skid steer plow (us) or snow blower.
Alaina Rubio 951-306-4762 Hand shoveling
Alejandro Perez 951-306-7703
Alex Cordero 760 219-9644
Andy Sutherland 949-973-3900
Bernie Lopez (951)452-9752
Caleb Ryan Henry 951-609-5328
Cesar Gill 951 204-9794
Daniel Maya (760) 402-1886
Ed Huddleston 659-9740 (or FB DM Elaine Huddleston)
Emma Lopez 951-663-7296
Humberto & Daniel Tiacomulco 951-445-1125
Jacob Teel? Skid Steer plow
Jay & Jason Johnson 951-719-4730 & 951-663-6285
Jerry Mitchell 951-438-3530
Julio Serrano 951-719-9835
Katie Anderson 951-663-0766
Kevin Alexander Molina 951-330-1782
Kyle Pines, Hand shovel
Mardyn Rodriguez 951-240-2404 Hand shoveling
Menix Cordero
Miguel Kellner 651-373-7424
Oscar Meija (951) 392-4068
Oscar Ramirez is (909) 225-1726
Ray Johnston 409-225-2963
Ray Vreeland 951 -492-9095
Rene Montoya 909-240-9028
Rogelio Gonzalez (818) 207-7250
Ryan Rene Foglesong 951-397-8667 After 3pm (school)
Samuel Adam Smith
Solomon 951-675-8506
Woody Henderson – Pine Cove. Message

2021/22 Season upgrades to our equipment …
-The Skid Steer plow is new for us. Made in the US, Tier 4a EPA compliant for cleaner air in our community. New Holland Loader 225 with snow chains and plow blade. When your plower says that your road cannot be plowed, we can.
-The Green Machine upgrades. Not loud but I’ve made it quieter. New drive belt. Windshield on order. Having snow in your face (going between jobs) feels adventurous the first few years. Now we are upping efficiency (and comfort).
-Both machines now have phone mounts to see FB and Text messages as they come in.
-Green snow blower. We carry it in the green machine for areas we can’t reach with the plows. It is battery operated (80 volt), clean air and quieter.
-Road salt to prevent icing up. This works especially well in our up and down temperatures. Ask about having us put down our green salt alternative to prevent icing.
Safer for family and guests.
-We still have Quadplow as the backup . It came out of the shed to save us again last year.

Just saw Marsha’s latest sources for wood, chords and otherwise …

Isaias Espinoza 951-487-8508
Guy Delphino lopez 951 973 2896
Ryan Wyckoff local pine 951-201-4423
Lupe Lopez (951) 973-2896
Kevin Alexander Molina (951-330-1782)
Oscar Ramirez