Fire Prevention

CalFire is a great source of info for homeowner abatement responsibilities to best practice in and before a fire.

Your local Fire Safe Council is one of the best in California. The MCFSC can offset costs for large abatement projects. And a source of abatement information. 1-951-659-6208,

CalFire advice on using yard equipment spring/summer/fall.
-Finish before 10am. To avoid hotter, windier conditions.
-Use a weed trimmer, not a lawnmower for dry weeds and grass.
-Spark arresters are required on everything. Clean carbon buildup.
-Remove rocks, metal on rocks makes sparks.
-Permit may be requried in Wildland areas. Keep 10′ clearance, and have a shovel and a fire extinguisher.
-Keep hot exhausts away from dry vegetation.
-Have a cel phone 911 ready. Getting to a fire quickly can save a mountain.

More to come on this page.