Ord 927 & Owner Requirements

A 24/7 contact number must be given to each neighbor, within 100′ (of property line).
Contact must respond to an issue within 60 minutes.

STR owners are required to notify all neighbors within 100′ (of property line) that a Short Term Rental certificate was obtained. Notification will provide local 24/7 contact info for issues.

Ord 927 requires that owners post in a prominent position in rental:
-Operator name and phone number
-Local contact person name and phone number
-Sheriff’s Dept & Code enforcement phone numbers
-The maximum number of parking spaces onsite
-Trash pick up rules and regulations
-A copy of Rivco’s ordinances, 927 and 847
-A copy of Good Neighbor Brochure
-Notification that a guest, local contact person, responsible person or owner may be cited or fined by the County, per ord 725.

Ordinance 927 …