STR limits that are working in CA

With STR limits, we would maintain healthy tourism in Idyllwild.
Limits would bring back quality of life for residents.
Ideas …

-Limit the number of STR permits issued. This would make existing permit holders more attentive and reduce evacuation issues.
-Limit STRs to near commercial areas. This would end issues on small roads and reduce evacuation issues.
-Require the owner to live on the property. Most of the restrictions in CA do just that.
-Limit on rentals per week and/or per month.
-Limits on occupancy and parking are coming in the new 927.1 ordinance.
-Required signage coming in the new 927.1 ordinance.
-Better enforcement of existing rules.

From a quick search of articles in CA …
-Full bans of STRs: Calabasas, Redondo Bch, Hermosa Bch, Huntington Bch, Sausalito, Sonoma County.
-Owner required to be onsite: Santa Monica, W Hollywood, Malibu, Long Bch and LA County Unincorporated.
-STR must be owners primary residence: LA, Pasadena, Berkeley, San Luis Obispo.
-Other: Laguna Bch banned STRs in residential areas. Beverly Hills allows only two rentals a year. Palm Springs, 32 rentals a year limit (like your idea Jon). Santa Barbara only where hotels are allowed and South Lake Tahoe complete ban outside commercial areas (my idea) which was voter approved in 2018. Burbank, Glendale and others are considering bans.

If we can achieve no traction with the County, incorporation is an option.

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