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Pine Cove Tractor

Driveways, roads, grading & gravel, rock removal & moving heavy stuff. Snow Plowing.

L225SnoB Greenmachine Plow

Network Services

Security cameras, alarm systems, websites, wifi, home and office and networks.
Woody is the tech at PC Water District and at local homes & businesses.

Aerial and interior images by Woody

Photos and videos for real estate, events and surveys.

Pricing …
Six photos of your home from the sky, $95. Complete survey images and video, $195.
Thirty professional photos, inside and outside, $245.
Thirty professional photos inside and outside with aerial, $345.
Full video tour of a home; inside, out and from above, with text and music, $495.

Commercially licensed drone pilot.
Email or call for tech tips or a free estimate. 951.468.5778.

Real Estate Tour – Nestwa
Idyllwild Library Centennial 2019

Tree Removal
Abatement tree felling work never ends
Cal Fire prescriptive burn at Dutch Flats
Documenting work at Baytree Springs, July 2019
Home Aerial
Dutch Flats – Tree Drop

Aerial Survey of Lake Foster
Loaders working on hwy 74 near Hemet June 2019
Forest Service prescriptive burn on Truck Trail, January 2019
32mp camera and gimbal
Gimbal rig for silky smooth home tours
Woodies Workin
Woodies at Work


The year break gave me time to expand our local services in this town we love so much. But my (Woody’s) day job has always been captaining boats. I deliver yachts and ships internationally. We run sailing flotillas in various paradises, a couple times a year. And I captain Sea Shepherd Coast Guard cutters on deliveries and SS campaigns. Email me if you would like your boat moved ;). All flotilla options are here …
‘Jack of some mountain trades, master of sail’ 🙂